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Raising Money for Action on Bladder Cancer
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Bladder Cancer is little known about but a major killer.  It is the fourth most common cancer in men and it's on the increase.  Smoking, processed foods and exposure to petrochemical ingredients may all be contributing factors to this.  Blood in your urine or "rusty" looking pee is a key symptom  to look out for.  But not everyone who has Bladder Cancer spots blood in their wee.  For more advice visit the Action on Bladder Cancer website at or the NHS has information and advice HERE.

Hi, my name is Andrew Warner, welcome to  The purpose of this site is really very simple.  I am seeking to raise one million British Pounds (GBP) for Action on Bladder Cancer.  To do this I am going to do a million metres of challenges.  Then I am asking for people to sponsor me a pound a metre.  However, just as important to me is that people share this site, post links on their own social media pages, blogs etc and spread the news about Bladder Cancer.  I hadn't heard of it until it killed my dad.  Then I found out it was a major killer, one of the least well known forms of cancer and one of the most underfunded for research.

If lots of people make a small donation and then pass on the details of this site we can make this dream a reality.  You can make a donation securely  **here**.   Then use the share buttons on this page to pass the message on to your friends via Facebook or Twitter.  Alternatively paste the link on your LinkedIn, Google+ or other social media sites.  Send emails to your friends asking them to get involved.  If you know anybody famous, or with a lot of followers, ask them to tell people about the challenge too! :-)  You can sponsor me for as many metres as you want.  I am quite happy to wear sponsor logos etc too.

Every pound pledged will add a metre in distance to a list of challenges I will undertake, up to a total distance of one million metres.  Details of each challenge will be posted on this site.  Plus I'll add pictures, videos, blog content, or whatever I have the energy left to do, so that you can follow my progress.  The challenges may involve horizontal or vertical distances being covered.  They will be across land, air or sea and will all be undertaken under my own steam.  For example I'll be entering some distance runs, undertaking some cross country treks and doing some climbs. Training metres won't count towards the total, only those actually within the nominated challenges.  For those of you from outside the UK, a pound is about $1.60 or €1.20.

One thing I should point out.  I am a slightly unfit, middle aged guy with a dodgy back and ropey knees.  But I'm determined to do this, however long it takes.

So why Action on Bladder Cancer?  Sadly this terrible disease claimed my father's life prematurely.  What shocked me then and now is how little awareness there is about bladder cancer and how far down it seems to be on the public health agenda.  Yet Bladder Cancer is the fourth most prevalent cancer in men and cases among men and women are rising.  When I heard that a new charity had been set up to work with healthcare professionals, patients and the general public, to help improve the care of people with bladder cancer through awareness raising, education and research projects, I wanted to help.  But I didn't want to do just another fun run.  I wanted to do something bigger.

I know times are tough.  I know lots of people ask for sponsorship for lots of charities.  But all I am asking is for lots of people to give a little.  In return I will give this thing my best shot.  Together we could make a big difference.

You can donate via my BT mydonate page which will ensure that everything you give will go straight to Action for Bladder Cancer.  The good thing about this service is that they don't deduct any management fees.  All your money goes to the charity.  You can get more details at the "How to Donate" link on the left.

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